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On the wake of March 25th in 1911, something terrible had taken its inception. The fire eruption in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory that led to the death of over 146 garments workers and injury of many was recorded as one of the most tragic events in history. The death toll caused by it was certainly due to the leniency in safety standards. As the doors to stairwells and exits had been locked, people couldn’t escape the fire. Some jumped from the ninth floor, whilst others simply stayed in and distressingly got burnt.

Tacoma WA Locksmith Store Tacoma, WA 253-509-5088The incident is recorded highly imperative in the history as it led to the legislation of safety standards from then on. Every other industry had to adopt certain measures to protect the people employed during such emergencies. This eventually led to the invention of push bars; one of the most commonly used devices that offer easy access to exit the premises in a matter of seconds. If you would like to have your emergency exit system improved (and you haven’t done so yet), then call upon Tacoma WA Locksmith Store to offer its premium locksmith services in Tacoma, WA and get the push bars installed right away!

What are the factors you need to consider before choosing the right emergency exit?

1)The type of device used:

Choosing the right devices for the buildings that have varying structures and population is highly important. It is common for schools to train their students with the aid of fire drills to find the nearest exit and other institutions would also train the people within to escape the episode without panicking. But in premises where public foot traffic is on the rise, having push bars installed is the right and easiest solution.

2)The placement of escape doors

The escape doors must alwaysbe set in an easy-to-access path. It should be clearly visible and accessible.

3)Safety and security

In order to save a few bucks, don’t settle for anything lesser than the best. Ensure that the devices you adopt are of top-rated qualities and that their functionality is excellent. The devices you install on your doors must secure the premises as much as they protect it during emergencies.

Seek Tacoma WA Locksmith Store’s expertise:

Having over a decade of experience and a broad-range of skills, our locksmiths are adept at addressing various security concerns with efficiency. Whether it be to install the best quality push bars or to suggest various other emergency exit measures, we can do it all with precision and dexterity. Also, as we have been operating in the security industry for many years, we are well-versed with the codes and ethics outlined by the national associations. Hence, when we suggest security measures to you, you can be assured that they wouldn’t violate the standards.

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