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Have you ever lost your door keys? If you would have, chances are there for you to have panicked more than necessary and would have ended up merely settling for a spare key that one of your family members would have had. But, have you paid enough attention to your security? What if those keys had been stolen only for the vandal to barge into your house later on? Certainly break-ins aren’t a pleasant experience; hence the only right thing for you to do when you can’t see your keys anywhere is to rekey locks by calling a locksmith in Tacoma, WA area.

What does it mean?

Just as how installation of new locks would render the old keys useless, rekeying locks too would turn the old keys inoperable. Tacoma WA Locksmith Store performs the re-key locks process by removing the old pins and tumblers form the lock and replacing them with new ones. A rekeyed lock is basically a new lock internally, although externally it would all seem to be the same. Even if you have several copies of your old key, none of them will work against the rekeyed locks. 

When is rekeying a futile process?

  • Tacoma WA Locksmith Store Tacoma, WA 253-509-5088When locks are too damaged
  • Rusted locks
  • Outdated locks
  • When locks aren’t likely to last longer
  • When the internal components of the locks are messed up

When should you re-key locks?

Moving to a new house:

Just as you move into a new house, you need to ensure that the previous tenant or the ones who have the keys for the old locks do not have any sort of access to your current personal space. If the locks are in a good condition and are advanced enough, rekeying locks is the wisest option.

Tenant change:

You might be residing in a space where once lived a tenant who was evicted. What if the tenant decides to barge in? You need to re-key locksso that they never gain entry once again!

Divorce/fall outs

When two people decide to part by signing the divorce papers, or generally when two individuals part, chances are for them to have not been in good terms. They would have had copies of your old key, which now should be rendered useless for better privacy. Get your locks rekeyed if you have had a recent fall-out!

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